Every Life tells a story…. Death happens at inconvenient times!!
Pre-arrange/Pre-plan NOW!!

Sorry for much a blunt statement, but
Remember Mom and Dad and/or your children.

Would you be angry if your spouse or parent died and left you to make arrangements?  Would your children be angry, if you left them to plan your funeral?

None of us wants to think about planning funerals, but it is a necessity.

What are your wishes?  Review the 5 Reasons for doing a Cremation.

 Here are 5 reasons to consider. 

1. CAN I HAVE A SERVICE WITH CREMATION?  Yes.  The purpose of a funeral or memorial service is to provide closure and help loved ones ccome to terms with the loss.  The needs of the family should be carefully balanced with those of the deceased.

2. HOW ARE CREMATION SERVICES DIFFERENT FROM OTHER SERVICES?  Cremation does not limit a family’s choices for service options; on the other hand cremation offers more choices than ever. If cremation is preferred, with proper planning, it even possible to have a visitation with the body presnet or funeral service followed by cremation

3. IS A CASKET REQUIRES?  NO, a conventional casket is not required.  A variety of cremation caskets or alternative containers are available,  For a cremation service , a rental or ceremonial casket may be selected in which the cremation container is placed during the service.  After the service, container is transported to the crematory.

4. WHAT OPTIONS ARE AVAILABE FOR A FINAL RESTING PLACE?  The cremated body (cremains) may be placed in a columbarium niche, buried in an urn garden, buried in an existing adult burial space, kept at home, or scattered.  Portions may also be divided among family members or placed in cremation jewelry.

5. WHAT ABOUT SCATTERING? WHAT MEMORIALIZATION OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE?  Scattering may be done legally on private property with permission. but public property falls under local ordinancies.  A permanent memorial helps give loved ones an opportunity to reflect and remember a special person for generations to come.  Other options are nearly endless; try to imagine what might help loved ones express their remembrance and love.

For questions and answers about Cremation, Contact, Charles

Some Cremation Options: click on link
Memorial Direct Cremation Pkg. with Polished Steel or Wood Urn
Freedom Cremation Pkg. with Urn and Memorial Service at place of your choosing.
Eternal Cremation Pkg. with Urn and visitation/viewing and/or a Rosary.

Prearrangements can be done today: Click on highlighed link.

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