Preneed CJames  is a Pre-need Cremation and Funeral Pre- Arrangement website, designed for anyone living in Kingwood, TX or surrounding area.

Charles Gardner, a native Houstonian, living and working in Kingwood, Texas, is a Pre-Need Cremation/Funeral Counselor, working with families to prepare for the worse day in their life—death of a loved one!

Cremation/Funeral pre-arrangement helps everyone to know and plan in advance the type of funeral/memorial service they want. Wishes are put into place before death. Cost are locked in. Pressure of added grief are eased.

Charles is a former funeral director and once fell into a grave during a grave side service.  A wonderful experience to say the least.

Preneed Cremation/Funeral…Plan-A-Head.   Death does not wait.

Your comments and questions are welcomed and appreciated.

Charles Gardner