Basic Cremation Package

To: Anyone interested in Cremation Funeral Package

Basic Cremation Package Includes:
Professional guidance/basic service of Funeral Director and staff
Transport of your loved one to our funeral home
Refrigeration as needed for un-embalmed remains
The respectful cremation of your loved one in an alternative container
Making Everlasting Memories (MeM) Online Memorial – up to 250 photos

Cost – $3054
Discount – $590
Package Price – $2464

Celebration of Life Cremation Package<

Includes everything listed in Basic Cremation Package plus:
*Half an hour of family viewing time
*Use of staff and option of use of funeral home facility for a celebration of life service with remains present in an urn
*Memorial Package
** Register Book
** Prayer and acknowledgement cards
** Making Everlasting Memories (MeM) Online Memorial – up to 250 photos
** Urn of your choice
Cost: $4044
Discount: $149
Package Price: $3895

Disclaimer: This package only includes services provided by Darst Funeral Home. This does not include any cash advance items that may be required for payment to 3rd parties such as death certificate orders, fees for your minister, or purchases of obituary notices through a newspaper.

Payment of package price due at death (At-Need)in FULL

Pre-Need/Pre-Arrangement Discounts and payment options are available

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