Why Plan A Head

Cremation Planning Ahead

Most of us plan for things that might happen
For damage to our homes – homeowner’s insurance
For medical emergencies – health insurance
For car accidents – auto insurance
For retirement – 401K, pension plan

It makes sense to plan for the one thing we know will happen.

If you died today, who would be making the decisions and paying for them tomorrow?  Would you be angry with your spouse or parent if they died and left the arrangements to you??

5 Reasons Funding your cremation/funeral or memorial ahead of time makes good sense:
1.Helps remove the unexpected financial burden on your family to pay for your final expenses
2.Helps eliminate the need for your family to determine who is responsible for or capable of paying for your services
3.You may receive first day coverage of entire face amount depending upon your answers to any required health questions
4.The death benefit is generally exempt from income tax liability.
5. Shows your sense of responsibilty for family by making decisions, so family members won’t have to–saving them from potential disagreemnts.

[For more information about prepaid funeral planning, visit www.prepaidfunerals.texas.gov]

Today, more and more people recognize the emotional advantages of planning their cremation/funeral or memorial in advance. What are you doing to Plan-A-Head?

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